MAXIMUM 103.7 is the first Russian-American radio station. Television is now a prominent part of mainstream rock waves starting in late December 1991. The best can listen to the radio in 20 urban areas of Russia. In Moscow in particular, the broadcaster sets its television to repeat 103.7 FM. The piece of music of the ether waves fills famous shake & pop rock structures of distant & local entertainers. For quite some time, the presence of the greatest has changed its idea more than once, however after each investigation it has remained the most popular for a large number of radio hams.

Online radio is now part of Russia’s people’s life. Now people of Russia wants to listen important news, sports news, music, podcasts, Pop and Rock, learn tips and tricks of recipe and listen educational lecture. And Online radio station full-fil their needs. Let’s know something about MAXIMUM 103.7 .

There are lots of radio station in Russia. MAXIMUM 103.7 is one of them. After analysis from different sources we decide this is not popular radio station in Russia.. We Radiorde write something about MAXIMUM 103.7 in our website.

Quick Review of MAXIMUM 103.7:

Title Description
Radio Name MAXIMUM 103.7
Country Russia
Genres Pop and Rock
Website & Contact Info


MAXIMUM 103.7 broadcasting Area?

Answer: Russia.

What is the radio frequency of this radio station?

Answer: 103.7 FM.

Why this radio station not playing?

Answer: Streaming link may be dead or In your visiting time, MAXIMUM 103.7 station’s broadcasting may off.

What type of radio they broadcast?

Answer: Pop and Rock.